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Extend tool life and increase performance with outstanding coatings from Midwest Cutting Tools. Our standard coatings have been developed for cutting, milling forming, injection molding and dry, high speed machining applications. Specialty gradient carbon-based coating are typically used on top of an appropriate hard coating or as single coating.

Standard Coatings

The general-purpose coating is outstanding for cutting, forming, injection molding and tribiological applications.

Conventional carbon nitride coating:
  • For interrupted cutting
  • For milling and tapping
  • For stamping, punching and forming

The tough multipurpose coating for interrupted cutting, milling, tapping, stamping, forming and hobbing.

The new universal high-performance coating for cutting (drilling, milling, reaming, turning). Also suitable for dry machining.

Special high-performance coating for dry, high speed machining. AITiN performance surpasses all conventional coatings when machining cast iron and hardened steel.

Specialty Carbon-Based Coating CBC (DLC)

Special gradient coating. Self-lubrication as its own coating or on the top of an appropriate hard coating.
  • CBC: carbon-based coating
  • DLC: diamond-like carbon
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