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America's Top Tool Sharpening Service

Last year alone, we sharpened over 500,000 used tools - mills, drills, burrs, routers, cutters, you name it - we sharpen it. That includes tools we don't even make. All at prices that give you a competitive edge.

No wonder we're America's top used tool sharpener. Contact us today for a quote.

CNC Sharpening of:
  • Carbide and HSS standard and taper endmills
  • Specialty drill points
  • 3 flute drill points
  • Down to 1/8" diameter with a 1/32" radius
Sharpening service for High Speed Steel

DrillsReamersMilling cutters
Shell millsStep DrillsWeldon countersinks
Face millsSlab millsKeyway cutters
Core DrillsSpot Facers
Plus modifications of special cutters and cutters in sets.

Sharpening service of carbide cutting tools

End mills Rotary files Routers
CountersinksSpecial anglesDie burrs
Step drills Cutters Radius milling
Special step reamers
sharpening Service
sharpening Service